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A 360° VIEW OF PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE This is the fourth in a series of case studies illustrating how different BY JESSICA BATES property types can benefit from the BOMA 360 designation. EXCELLENCE IN THE HEART OF TEXAS M anaging a corporate facility might not seem that different than managing a multitenant office building, but CBRE’s Janet Shipley says there is one key difference that defines everything. Instead of balancing the needs of several occupants, the property manage- ment team for a corporate facility can tailor their approach to a single tenant. “It’s an ongoing partnership, which means commu- nication is key,” says Shipley, associate direc- tor at CBRE and general manager of Hess Tower in Houston. “Ultimately, our goal is to bring value to our tenant.” Shipley and the members of her third- party property management team achieve this goal with great success, as evidenced by Hess Tower’s BOMA 360 designation. A description of the office building in the heart of downtown Houston reads like the ultimate office space wish list, with such amenities as an on-site dining facility with chefs and a catering service; a coffee bar accessible only to building occupants; a fit- ness center; and a conference center. Social events in the building often take advantage of its coveted downtown location; during the spring, for example, the building chefs pre- pare special picnic lunches that are meant to be eaten in the nearby park. Hess Corpo- ration is far from the only energy company in Texas, which means there’s competi- tion for talent. Pairing premier amenities with top-notch management can help Hess recruit employees and keep them happy. The close communication between the CBRE management team and tenant leader- ship ensures these touches match the com- pany’s corporate culture and future plans. In fact, the CBRE team involves the tenant in their budget planning to make sure there are no surprises. “It goes without saying that we are going to maintain the property 28  BOMA MAGAZINE JULY | AUGUST 2017 at a high level, but we want the tenant to be comfortable with what our focus is,” Shipley notes. At the same time, Hess Corporation relies on CBRE to know what’s best for the build- ing. Though the building includes several sophisticated sustainability features, such as a rainwater reclamation system and automatic daylighting controls, the CBRE engineering team did a comprehensive assessment of the building systems that led to a 12 percent reduction of energy use without sacrificing occupant comfort—sim- ply by more carefully timing when certain systems operated. The management team also renegotiated the tenant’s contract with the local utility company, saving them more than $100,000 each year. “As with any busi- ness partnership, we want to continually demonstrate that we’re an asset to their bot- tom line,” says Shipley. Achieving the BOMA 360 designation was another way the CBRE staff was able to demonstrate that they go above and beyond in operating and managing the corporate facility. “BOMA 360 allowed us to essentially benchmark ourselves across the board and prove we are exceeding industry expecta- tions,” explains Shipley. The submission process not only gave the team a chance to analyze their operational processes and look for additional opportunities to reduce costs, it also served as a team-building exercise that helped them work more cohesively. “It was a chance for us to recog- nize our individual strengths and how we all work together to achieve group goals,” Shipley says. The process also served as important preparation for their next goal: The Out- standing Building of the Year® (TOBY®) Awards. Though they hadn’t initially planned to apply for the TOBY Awards, the “ BOMA 360 allowed us to essentially benchmark ourselves across the board and prove we are exceeding industry expectations. ” — Janet Shipley, Associate Director at CBRE and General Manager of Hess Tower team felt they were ready, in large part as a result of their BOMA 360 success. “I am pos- itive the TOBY process was easier because we’d already gone through the BOMA 360 designation,” says Shipley. “That preparation gave us an advantage, as well as the confi- dence that we could compete at the highest level.” Sure enough, the team saw TOBY success on their very first try, first winning at the local and regional level—then going on to claim the BOMA International TOBY Award in the Corporate Facility category at the annual conference this past June. The team is still basking in the excite- ment of their big win. They’re currently displaying their local, regional and Interna- tional TOBY Awards in the lobby along with a banner. “We love the buzz that comes from achievements like BOMA 360 and TOBY,” says Shipley. “This recognition is a testa- ment to the owner and the tenant that the asset is performing well and has earned the approval of industry experts.” B